2020 satisfaction survey and 2021 needs evaluation

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Since 2014, the ABiMS platform has implemented a quality management system based on the ISO9001 standard. The certification has been renewed in November 2017.
Following the previous satisfaction survey, we have in particular strengthened the infrastructure and the tools (switch to the SLURM scheduler on the cluster, tool updates, encapsulation with Conda and Singularity), improved the communication (newsletters, opening of the User Committee), and promoted the pooling of skills (hosting interns and engineers in collaboration with research teams).

In order to further improve the services provided by the ABiMS platform, please find below a link to the annual satisfaction survey. It only requires a few minutes to complete. Thank you for dedicating a little bit of your time to fill it in before monday September the 28th.

In addition we are trying to match as closely as possible the training sessions offered by the platform with the needs of the community.
To let us know your needs, please complete the following form:

Thank you in advance for your responsiveness.

The ABiMS platform team
Thank you !