The ABiMS platform belongs to the French Institute of Bioinformatics (IFB) and to the EMBRC-France ressource center.

In collaboration with GenOuest (Rennes) and BiRD (Nantes), the ABiMS platform coordinates activities in bioinformatics for Biogenouest (also known as IFB Grand Ouest), the Western France Life Science and Environment core facility network.

ABiMS is also part of the RESOMAR network 

ABiMS is also partner for severals H2020 and PIA projects (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir) linked to marine sciences and bioinformatics :


  • EMBRC Europe : bioinformatics facility and part of the working group E-infrastructure
  • Elixir Excelerate : involved in WP6 use case Marine metagenomic and in teaching initiatives (Galaxy metabolomics)
  • EOSC life : Involve in the WP2 (workflow)  


  • Coordination of the EMBRC France JDA3 task which aims at building an integratd environment for marine models (algae, bacteria, metazoa...)
  • Coordination of bioinformatics activities (analysis and tool development) of the IDEALG project handled by UMR8227 team (P. Potin / C. Boyen) with an IRISA team
  • Coordination of OCEANOMICS project databases development (UMR7144 / C. de Vargas) which aims at building integrated environments for TARA OCEANS data