Areas such as systems biology, network modeling, or NGS data analysis is a real challenge in terms of scientific computing. In the context of production of high-throughput biological data and traceability of analyses, the development of a scientific infrastructure is an essential step for the production of knowledge.

The ABiMS platform aims to develop scientific computing resources and environments to meet technological developments and research projects in marine biology.

The platform offers:

  • a wide range of bioinformatic softwares and databanks
  • a computing infrastructure (cluster) with strong calculation and storage capabilities
  • virtual environments for analyzing omic data online (Galaxy) and for browsing / editing genomes (GMOD tools: JBrowse, Apollo)
  • in-house developed databases to meet specific project or community needs
  • in-house developed software tools

These resources are widely used locally, but also by external teams (INRA, IFREMER, etc.), which illustrates the increasing openness of the platform.