BioInformatics analysis

The ABiMS platform is strongly involved in the analysis of data from several ‘omics’ projects covering a large phylogenetic diversity of marine living organisms (from bacteria to archaea, from fungi to seaweeds, from protists to larger metazoan).

During the last four years, the platform has developped a strong expertise in RNAseq analysis with and without reference genome (de novo): e.g. Djebali et al. 2016; Huenerlage et al. 2016; Bussard et al. 2016; Robert et al. 2015, Cornet et al. 2015; Balzano et al. 2015; Robert et al. 2014 (see here for detail and additional publications).

The platform is involved with several teams of the Roscoff Marine Station on metabarcoding, metagenomics, and metatranscriptomics projects on symbiotic protists, on algal epiphytic bacteria, and soil samples (Dittami et al. 2015; Dupont et al. 2013; ANR IMPEKAB, ANR CALyPSO, PIA OCEANOMICS, H2020 ELIXIR EXCELLERATE).

ABiMS takes part in genomic projects on brown and red seaweeds, cyanobacteria and archaea including genome assembly, structural and functional annotation and comparative genomic studies with closely related species (Godard et al, 2014; Colleen et al. 2013; Cock et al; 2010)

ABiMS currently collaborates on several RADseq projects providing expertise and bioinformatics infrastructure for RADseq analysis (f.e. ANR ISOBAR).