About Us

The mission of the ABiMS platform at the Roscoff Biological Station is to train and support researchers from the marine community and, more broadly, the life sciences, to analyze their data using bioinformatics methods. It is one of the national platforms of the French Institute of Bioinformatics (IFB). 

Through its numerous interactions with research units, ABiMS is a partner in several national and European research projects involving the development of bioanalysis activities, software engineering and scientific computing infrastructures (65 publications as co-authors over the last five years).  The ABIMS platform has notably developed a strong expertise in the analysis of RNAseq data of non-model species covering a very wide phylogenetic range of organisms (prokaryotes, fungi, protists, macro-algae, plants, molluscs, vertebrates (http://abims.sb-roscoff.fr/projects/publications). It has also contributed in recent years to the development of numerous reference databases for both observational and genomic data (http://abims.sb-roscoff.fr/resources/abims_developments).



Permanent members

Jean Michel Aroumougom
Erwan Corre
Loraine Guéguen (UMR 8227)
Mark Hoebeke
Gildas Le Corguillé
David Zwolinski

Contractual members

Romain Dallet
François Gerbes
Ehsan Kayal

Arthur Le Bars

Dean Mckeown
Jukka Siltanen

Hosted members

Gregory K. Farrant (Post doc : UMR 7144)
Pernelle Lelièvre (UMR 8227)
Gabriel Markov (Post doc : UMR 8227)
Anaïs Rey (Post doc : Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle - Dinard)

Previous members

  • Gwendoline Andres
  • Antoine Bisch
  • Philippe Bordron
  • Christophe Caron
  • Wilfrid Carre
  • Alexandre Cormier
  • Nolwenn Dantec
  • Eric Duvignac
  • Léa Joret
  • Joseph Kervellec
  • Annie Lebreton
  • Ludovic Legrand
  • Xi Liu
  • Celia Michotey
  • Misharl Monsoor
  • Catia Monteiro
  • Delphine Nègre
  • Guita Niang
  • Pierre Pericard
  • Olivier Quenez
  • Julien Saint-Vanne
  • Guillaume Tanguy
  • Camille Vacquié
  • Julien Wollbrett